Mark Herzlich: We're not doubting ourselves

The dust has cleared from Sunday's NFL game action, and the New York Giants stand at a dismal 0-2 on the season. In the wake of a troubling start to the season, the Giants now stare at a huge matchup against the Carolina Panthers and potentially a must win game. With their backs against the wall, the Big Blue isn't panicking or doubting themselves, but coming together as a team.

There have not been many smiles going on in around the The New York Giants locker room so far this season. Two games into their 2013 campaign the Giants stand at a lackluster 0-2 with several issues they need to clean up if they want to save their season from being a long and miserable one.

The Giants' problems started during training camp with sporadic play from their offense and a lack of a running game during the preseason. On the defensive side the Giants have been unable to stop opposing running attacks and middle linebacker Mark Herzlich is determined to turn the tide.

"The preseason doesn't count in terms of wins and losses but I think it counts in terms of team camaraderie and a feeling that we get towards that winning," noted Herzlich. "There were good things that happened in the preseason, there are things that weren't good. The scores, we didn't have that overwhelming sense in the locker room after a game when you start to understand that winning culture and we didn't have that with the end results. So that's something we've got to get back to. There are guys on the team who know what it feels like but we don't know what it feels like together, as a group. I think that's something that we're very much looking forward to this week."

New York's mindset the past two games wasn't filled with doubt, but of players who are believed they can get their season back on track.

"We're not doubting ourselves," said Herzlich. "I think a lot of things that were talked about today, not only by coaches but by players, was that, yeah, we are very disappointed. We are disappointed in how we played but we're not discouraged about what our team can be, and when you stay encouraged and you want to keep pushing forward and know you can, you have to believe you can, then we still have a shot."

Giants players will admit that there will be more sense of urgency in the locker room and on the field to quickly turn things around. Herzlich commented on the atmosphere that the Giants will be playing under the rest the season by saying.

"There is a sense of urgency, and I think one of the big things in football is that you never want to lose two games in a row," noted Herzlich. "That's something that obviously happened to us and we want to end that. We want to get in the winning habit because, you know, winning is like everything else – once you do it a couple times, you start to learn what it takes. I think each team gains that sort of sense. This is a new team, our 2013 team, we haven't had that yet and that's what we're working for this week."

The Giants main goal they will be working for as a team this week, will be to get a win against the Carolina Panthers Sunday, and get their season back on track.

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