Greats and Goats: Week 3 Edition

The New York Giants took on the Carolina Panthers in a Week 3 matchup of 0-2 teams. The Panthers defeated the Giants 38-0 sending the G-Men to their first 0-3 start in 17 years. So what happened in the game that impacted the Giants pathetic 38-0 loss? Inside are the Greats and Goats from New York's embarrassing defeat.


Giants Offensive Line:

The Giants offensive line gave up a total of seven sacks on the day and allowed the Panthers to tie a franchise single game record in sacks. The O-Line gave quarterback Eli Manning no time to throw the football all game and hurt the New York's chances of using its superb passing attack against a weak Panthers secondary. There were no holes of any kind for the Giants' running backs to run through and made the team's terrible rushing attack already look worse.

The Giants Offense:

The Giants offense only had 150 total yards in the game. Cam Newton alone had more total than the Giants offense, which is just downright pathetic. The G-Men's offense garnered only 90 total yards in the passing game and 60 total yards in the running game. Overall the Giants offense was straight up horrible in the game and needs to get their attack together next week against Kansas City, if they want to save their season.

The Giants Defense:

The Giants Defense was not all that fantastic either. Big Blue's defense gave up of 194 total rushing yards in the game, which allowed Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to take over. Newtown, with the help of his running game, was able to use the read option to perfection in play fakes and QB roll-outs to torch the Giants' defense. Newton combined for four total touchdowns and the Giants looked out of sorts in pass coverage and stopping the run. More importantly, the Giants' defensive line didn't get to Newton all game. New York was able to get one sack on Newton, but the D-Line wasn't able to get much pressure on Newton all game and played horrible against the run.


There was nothing great in this game and not a single player or unit was deserving of making this week's "Greats" section. Back to the drawing board for Coughlin and company.

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