Manning, Giants not in panic mode just yet

After the New York Giants' fourth loss in a row this season, and their latest defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs, fans are questioning the team's competence. Eli Manning discusses many key aspects of the Week 4 loss and his team's mindset moving forward.

Somebody should tell the New York Giants that the regular season is already at the quarter pole. With four weeks of football in the books, Eli Manning and company have nothing to show for it.

"We've lost four in a row before," Manning stated after a loss to Kansas City this past Sunday.

This puts the Giant's at 0-4, a tough start for the former Super Bowl champions and a powerhouse team for the Northeast. Many fans wonder how the rest of the season will play out in addition to the future of members of the team. Even so, Manning had many points as to why the team has as good chance as any to bounce back.

Just two years ago they won the super bowl.

"We lost four in a row that year also, noted Manning. "We've got different guys on this team and you can't draw comparisons or think back when."

Even so, the Giants have done an exceptionally poor job so far on the offensive side. Manning made it clear that the team's attitude, "is what you would expect," but that positivity is key in this time of frustration.

When it came to the offense's ability against the Chiefs, Manning made many key points.

"I thought we had chances and I thought we had the right game plan," stated Manning.

He also made it clear how well the defense played considering some difficulties with the offense. Coughlin chose to punt on 4-and-1 from the Giants' 30-yard line in the third quarter leaving Victor Cruz unhappy. Manning on the other hand thought it was the right decision.

"I think the smart play is not to go for it in that situation," noted Manning. "You're down three. You're going to punt the ball away. You're defense is doing great."

When asked about the team's ‘identity' this season, Manning didn't have an exact answer.

"I'm not looking to establish an exact identity," said Manning. "That's we have to find out…We've just got to be more consistent, and overall everybody has got to play a little better." But most fans are wondering exactly how the Giants are going to get better with huge losses the past two weeks in Carolina and Kansas City.

"I think a win would be big for this locker room and the morale and just get that feeling again," said Manning.

"Wins are going to start coming [if] we continue to work really hard and have great preparation and great understanding of what we're trying to do," says Manning. This applies to the running game, two-minute offense and especially controlling turnovers."

The Giants play the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday at MetLife Stadium with kickoff scheduled for 1:00PM.

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