Damontre Moore an 'eager puppy ready to play'

New York Giants defensive end Damontre Moore talks about how the coaching staff has been prepping the team for Sunday in order to avoid a fifth consecutive loss.

The Giants started this season 0-4 and now face the young Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday at home. Many fans wonder if they can pull out a win and understand that every player counts. New York Giants' rookie defensive end Damontre Moore share his thoughts on the week of preparation for the game against the Philadelphia Eagles this upcoming Sunday.

"They don't come up with anything that's ridiculous. They put you in the perfect position which has been working so far." He went on to say that this Sunday he is, "just going in with open ears."

Although there has been frustration amongst the team, especially in this past Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Moore made it clear that the Giants' coaching staff has been great in making his transition to the NFL as smooth as possible.

"The coaches have always been men of their word," noted Moore. "Every time they tell me something, it's always been right. When they told me, if you play your scheme and run harder, you're going to get a block, the first week. Everything they said has come true." A statement players hope to say about their coaching staff."

Going into this game against the Eagles, the Giants know that there needs to be a change in order to avoid an unacceptable 0-5 start. When asked what he as a defensive end added to the pass rush, Moore revealed a more playful side.

"Just an eager puppy that's ready to go in there and go play," noted Moore. "I'm going in there with open eyes and just running in there as fast and as hard as I can."

The goal of course, is for something good to happen. Most anticipated of all, to stop Philadelphia's offense and get a win.

"We have a great scheme and we have a great coaching staff," noted Moore. "Honestly, I have a great group of veterans in front of me. Kiwi, JPP, Tuck, Shaun Rogers, Cullen Jenkins, whenever they see something, they're always critiquing me." With such a line up on the defense, it is easy to predict the Eagles having a hard time converting. Moore ended with noting that his coaches and peers were an inspiration and that, "I feel like I'm in a situation I really can't fail."

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