David Wilson: Running game 'getting close'

The New York Giants have started the season out 0-4, but they showed signs of improvement in their last game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The running game finally came to life and running back David Wilson feels the ground game is close to taking off.

There are four teams in the NFL that haven't won a game yet for the 2013 season and one of them is the New York Giants. Throughout their first four games, the Giants have looked just plain pathetic. They have had problems running the football, turning the ball over, and trouble protecting quarterback Eli Manning on offense.

Big Blue saw a shades of improvement in its running game during its last game against the Kansas City Chiefs..

Running back David Wilson think the Giants ground attack is close to getting back on track after last week's game against the Chiefs.

"Most definitely. It's there. A lot of things are close, but close doesn't win games, admitted Wilson. "We've got to get it together and give our fans something to cheer for."

So far this season, Wilson has not lived up to the expectations the Giants had for him going into the season as the No. 1 tailback. In the first four games, Wilson has had trouble picking up blocking assignments, making plays in open space, and worst of all he hasn't held on to the football.

"The first quarter is behind us," stated Wilson. "We're going into the next three quarters and are trying to put out a better product and the main thing is to be consistent and not be consistently bad, but be consistently good and do the positive things to help move the ball down the field and give our defense a break and score points. That's how you win games." Because of his play in the first four games of the season, Wilson will be one of many Giants playing with a bit of chip on their shoulders for the rest of the season.

"Yeah. I think with every player, once you lose that chip on your shoulder that's when you lose a sense of competitiveness, so I always have a chip on my shoulder," noted Wilson.

With the Giants facing their NFC East division rivals in the Philadelphia Eagles. Wilson is primed for a big performance.

"We finished the season strong against them," noted Wilson. "We looked good as an offense and coming into the season we wanted to pick up where we left off there and hopefully we can get back on track here. One of our captains told us there are four quarters in the season. We've played four games, but we've got 12 more. Hopefully we can put out a better product in these last three quarters."

The Giants hope that starts Sunday with a win against the Eagles, which can help them get back on track and save their season.

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