Cruz: Giants lost fourth quarter identity

Cruz talks about how the New York Giants need to get back to clutch play in the fourth quarter that fans witnessed the past few season. As Big Blue prepares for Thursday's game against the Chicago Bears, Cruz insists his team isn't dwelling on the past.

Giants' wideout Victor Cruz detailed the areas his team needs to improve in order to pull out a win out against the Chicago Bears on Thursday night.

The Giants fell to 0-5 after this past Sunday's defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles. Unlike previous games, like with the Carolina Panthers, the team was able to stay in the game until yet another subpar fourth quarter. Star pass catcher Victor Cruz spoke about what the team needs to work on in such as short time before the Bears game.

"I think it's almost a good thing to have this short week so we don't dwell on the past game," said Cruz about this Thursday.

The Bears currently have a winning record, at 3-2 so far this season, which means the Giants will need to make positive adjustments both offensively and defensively to avoid going 0-6. Even so, many wonder what further adjustments can be made to avoid another loss, especially with a 0-5 mindset.

"I mean, we're thinking about it, we understand that obviously it's not the best feeling when you look at our win-loss column but I think we understand that we have a good bunch of guys in here and we can win football games," noted Cruz. "We just have to be able to finish games… that fourth quarter has been a quarter where we've been lacking the effort."

Even so, just these past few years the Giants have dominated the fourth quarter with some outstanding stats.

"It's strange but we just have to get back to it. Every year is different, every team is different, and we've got to develop that fourth quarter finish identity again," said Cruz.

Not only is the team's ability to finish in the fourth quarter crucial, but its ability to take and keep a lead for the game, which has been rare this season.

"We've got to come out firing, we've got to come out strong and hold that lead, mentioned Cruz. "We have to keep the ball and make sure when we get these leads that we can keep them."

Overall, Cruz and the Giants believe it boils down to better execution in different facets of the game in order to finally get a win this season.

The Giants face off against the Bears this Thursday at 8:30EST in Chicago.

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