David Wilson's X-rays reveal spinal stenosis

The Giants second year halfback is going to get a second opinion on his injured neck, but it's not because he feels any discomfort.

After sitting out Thursday night's game against the Chicago Bears because of a neck injury, Giants halfback David Wilson is looking forward to getting back on the field as soon as possible.

"Of course I feel like none of my spine is lined up perfectly especially after years playing football," said Wilson to reporters on Friday. "We've all got something here or there. They said they want to be cautious and check it out further."

Wilson has an appointment for a second opinion on Monday, when doctors will decide if the second year player needs surgery to repair the neck injury that he suffered in Week 5's loss to Philadelphia. If it wasn't for an X-ray that shows one of Wilson's vertebrae has moved closer to his spinal cord, he says he would be ready for action.

"No pain, all motion, all strength, there's nothing wrong with me except the x-ray," said Wilson. "They want to be cautious about it. That's the most frustrating part is feeling like I do. Feeling healthy."

The reason Wilson needed an x-ray on his neck in the first place is because of a hit he suffered in the game against Philadelphia that caused his whole body to become numb momentarily.

"Halfway to the sideline, jogging to the sideline, the feeling came back," said Wilson when recounting the incident. "I got up and I was still numb. When I got to the sideline they were like, ‘Are you alright?' because it took me a while to get up and I was like, ‘Yeah, my whole body went numb.' After I said that, I thought it was nothing and they were like, "Whoa," and grabbed me."

Even though Wilson feels 100 percent healthy, it's tough to blame doctors for being anything but extremely cautious when it comes to a spinal cord or neck injury. From a football perspective, there was not point in the Giants risking Wilson's health on Thursday when his production was lacking for the first five weeks of the season.

In Wilson's absence, Brandon Jacobs rumbled for 106 yards on 22 carries in a game that saw the Giants offensive line push around an opposing unit for the first time all season. Unfortunately, Jacobs wasn't the best back to take full advantage of the excellent blocking, as he lacks Wilson's ability to make defenders miss in open space.

If Wilson comes back from his second opinion with good news, it will be exciting to see what he can do with the kind of blocking that Jacobs got against Chicago.

"People say, ‘Oh, but it's the neck.' But I feel like I'm fine," said Wilson. "I'm willing to go out there and sacrifice and play with my team, this is what I love. That's my choice."

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