Rolle: We're not back until playoffs in reach

The New York Giants aren't the laughingstock of the NFL anymore, but safety Antrel Rolle isn't ready to say his team is 'back' unless they return to the playoffs this season.

No one in the Giants locker room is happy about the team's 2-6 start to the 2013 season. On the other hand, it's hard to argue that the Giants look a lot better at 2-6 than they did two weeks ago when they were winless at 0-6. New York has avoided turnovers and played good defense during its past two games, and that has helped turn things around.

"We're heading in the right direction and there's a lot of room left for us to grow, a lot of room for us to get a whole lot better," said safety and captain Antrel Rolle. "But right now were just taking it one game at a time and just try to get away from the game, get guys back healthy so everyone can contribute to this win."

While a pair of wins will do a lot for the Giants' confidence and their fans' state of mind, the team is still far from where it wants to be. After all, this is a team with Super Bowl aspirations. With just two games separating the Giants from the division-leading Cowboys, that goal is still attainable, albeit a long way off.

"When it's all said and done, we're 2-6," said Rolle, "We won our last couple of games, which is a great thing. Are we back? We'll be back once we reach that postseason. That's when I'll say that we're back."

Rolle and many of his teammates haven't had to deal with being in such a deep hole before. Even though New York's season got off to a horrid start, the Giants have worked hard to finally get some wins on the board.

"I've had to dig extremely deep, had to be so mentally tough to overcome it because I've never been in that stage in my life either," said Rolle. "Right now, as a team, we're grinding. We're grinding and we're pushing ahead and more importantly we're staying together. Coaches, players, we're just looking forward to better days."

The Giants will be unable to build on their momentum this week because the team has a bye on the schedule, but the break should allow some key players to get healthier. Safety Ryan Mundy is dealing with a hip pointer, and halfback Brandon Jacobs is nursing a hamstring injury. As for Rolle, he has some friends to catch up with.

"I'm going home," said Rolle regarding his plans for the bye week, "I'm going back to Miami, chill out, relax with the family, catch the Heat game that's opening against Chicago, so I'm going to see what Derrick Rose has got and if my Heat boys go ahead and stomp on them and, you know, just relax with the family."

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