Amukamara: Captains can prevent bullying

Prince Amukumara told The Giants Beat on Monday that leadership from team captains can help stop the bullying that takes place in NFL locker rooms.

Last training camp Giants' rookie cornerback Prince Amukamura fell victim to veteran hazing when a video of teammate Jason Pierre-Paul tossing him into a cold tub went viral. In the wake of Miami Dolphins' offensive tackle Johnathan Martin's allegations of bullying and extortion by linemate Richie Icognito, Amukamura spoke with reporters on Monday about when playful teasing can cross the line.

"There are captains and there are a lot of guys that are on the team that know ‘Ok it's getting out of hand.' "So I think that's when the leadership steps up and says something," noted Amukamura. "It feels like the mood in the league is that everyone is a grown person and everyone can take care of themselves."

Martin left the Dolphins' last week and has filed a complaint that veteran teammates forced him to foot the bill for lavish dinners, refused to sit next to him at team lunches and Cognito called him racial epitaphs and threatened his family. Miami conducted an internal investigation and now the NFL is involved.

"Coming into the league, I knew they were going to hit you in the pocket, so you're going to have to pay for stuff," noted Amukamura. "Which is not problem because everyone when through it. As long as they didn't physically harm me then I'm good. Our players know and respect that and we know not to take it far."

Amukamura insists that Big Blue's locker room culture is healthy and not toxic like the Dolphins', but admits that he still takes heat from teammates from time to time.

"They still give me crap, the only thing is that I definitely give it back and because I know it's both ways, I know it's not just one sided," noted Amukamara. "I know it's not bullying. There's sometimes where I can just walk away, I can just not care, and that probably gets them more upset and makes them want to say something."

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