Terrell Thomas 'blessed' to be back healthy

Terrell Thomas made a huge interception on to help put the New York Giants onto their third win.

Giants' cornerback Terrell Thomas made a huge interception against the Raiders helping New York seal its third consecutive win.

The Giants may have started the season rough, but they have just completed their third win in a row, this time against the Oakland Raiders. The win partially goes to a crucial interception made by Giant's cornerback, Terrell Thomas.

Thomas's interception came with just minutes in the contest with the Giants were down by six.

"It was a big play for us," admitted Thomas. "We needed it. It was a route that they run a lot and I was waiting on it all game… I was just happy to make a play for our defense."

Although most thought he would make it to the end zone, Thomas still returned the interception for 67 yards before running out of gas.

"I thought I did after I made him miss a tackle," said Thomas. "Terrelle Pryor is a fast quarterback and he looked me in my eyes and said, 'you aren't going to out run me,' I wish I would have stayed to the sidelines." The carry led to a 1-yard touchdown setup."

Even so, Thomas has been a player with three ACL tears, and most athletes don't even recover from one. Thomas made it clear that he's fortunate to be competing at the highest level.

"I'm just blessed, noted Thomas. "I just thank God for putting me in this position, giving me the grace to come back from three ACL surgeries and play…I can't thank the Giants enough, my teammates, everyone who believes me."

Being able to have these three surgeries and come back this season to make huge plays, is not only inspiring, but has made Thomas a role model for his team and other athletes.

"It just speaks on the last two years, seeing me working my butt off in the training room and the weight room," noted Thomas.

"I definitely think they see the hard work I put in and they are just happy for me as well."

Thomas's hard work and major play against the Raiders has shown what focus can do.

"It was a long two years, sitting at home watching the games," admitted Thomas.

"So, I'm just happy to play football. It was ugly at first, but we are turning this thing around and I'm happy to be a part of it."

The Giants hope to continue their winning ways against the Green Bay Packers next Sunday at 4:25 EST.

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