Manning recalls 'longest run of his career'

New York Giants' quarterback Eli Manning recently spoke about the ups and downs during the Green Bay Packers game as well as the team's attitude moving forward coming off four straight wins.

Just when everyone thought there would be no hope for the New York Giants after starting their season with a scary performance of 0-6, they have won four games in a row, bringing their record to 4-6; officially making them possible competitors for the playoffs.

"I think it was a good job by everybody on the offense," noted Manning. "I think we ran the ball well and they did a good job to stop the run so we did a good job of throwing short passes," said Giant's quarterback, Eli Manning. Although, even with the last four wins, Manning notes, "sometimes bad plays happen," and that, "there is room for improvement."

The Giants are still struggling with some mistakes, but their improved numbers have shown why they're on a winning streak.

"That's the way we started, but we knew then we were going to have a tough challenge getting back into the mix, but the only thing we could do is to start getting one win at a time. We've done that these last four weeks… we've got four in a row and that's a good feeling and we're going to keep fighting, keep getting better, and see if we can keep winning."

One of the things the Giants have been doing right includes running Brandon Jacobs, and it showed in their game against the Packers.

"Brandon had some big runs for us." "Whenever he can come in and give us those tough yards and set that physical tempo, that tone of the game, that's good for us," said Manning about his running back.

But Jacobs was not the only one running. Fans saw Manning running more against Green Bay than they have in quite a while.

"That was probably the longest run of my career and it gets called back. I was trying to cut back and I felt fast there. I'm sure I'll look on film and realize I'm not fast again, noted Manning. "If that's what we need to do, that's what we need to do."

Finally, the Giants' defense has been helping the offense greatly with its performance. Manning notes how well they have been playing, and that the offense and defense "build off each other."

Overall, Manning notes they are beginning to feel like a different team.

"We have to make sure we keep practicing well, make sure our preparation is outstanding. Again, just find ways to win games," noted Manning. "Play smarter football. Obviously, another big game this week, at home, another home game versus Dallas in the division. So, it'll be a big game for us."

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