Coughlin:Giants still looking for 'best game'

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin addressed reporters on Wednesday and talked about his team's mindset heading into Sunday's battle with the Dallas Cowboys.

Don't look now, but the New York Giants are right in the thick of the postseason mix. With four straight wins under their belt, the Big Blue is flying high and has rebounded following a six game slump at the onset of the year. With a pivotal divisional matchup with the Dallas Cowboys looming in Week 12, head coach Tom Coughlin thinks his group can turn things up a notch.

"We're all looking for our best game," Coughlin told reporters on Wednesday. "I don't think we've played it yet. The idea of all three phases playing as well as they can and accomplishing things on a high level, we're still looking."

New York hasn't exactly faced top competition teeing off on quarterbacks: Josh Freeman,Matt Barkley, Terrell Pryor and Scott Tolzien the past four games. Cowboys' gunslinger Tony Promo presents an entirely different challenge as he's had a history of lighting up the Giants' secondary. While Big Blue's confidence has grown with each passing week, Coughlin still thinks the team is far from where he wants them to be.

"I tell the team the goal is perfection, we're not going to attain it, we're human, but that's the objective," the Giants coach told the media.

New York has championship pedigree and a core group that has been through the lows of an 0-6 season and the highs of two Super Bowl titles. The Giants will be looking to bring their big game experience to MetLife Stadium as their divisional hopes could very well be riding on the outcome of Sunday's contest with Dallas.

"I'm counting on the same fervor that we've kind of built up over the past few weeks that it just gets better," mentioned Coughlin on his team continuing positive momentum. "And that the leadership group is in the core of pointing this thing in the right direction."

Just one month ago, the Giants were bottom dwellers in the NFL and Coughlin's coaching future was brought into question. After four straight wins, Big Blue appears to have righted the ship, but now the question remains whether they'll be mere pretenders or true pretenders from this point on.

"The idea of this is what you play for," noted Coughlin of Sunday's matchup with Dallas. "You play for this. You play for the opportunity to be in games that are important. I think it grows as you go along."

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