JPP: Giants vs Cowboys will be a ‘blood bath'

New York Giants defensive end Pierre-Paul compared the Week 12 matchup with the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl.

The New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys have one of the fiercest rivalries across the NFL, but star defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul thinks the physicality will reach a whole new level on Sunday.

"This game is like the Super Bowl, it's not a playoff game, it's like the Super Bowl," said Pierre Paul. "They got us, they got one. We need to get this one. This is going to be a blood bath out there. I know they're going to be ready to play. This is going to be a physical game. I'm sure that I'm going to be ready and I know my boys are going to be ready to back it up."

Aided by six turnovers, the Cowboys held on to beat the Giants 36-31 in Week 1 at AT&T Stadium and now Big Blue is looking to return the favor in Week 12 on their home turf. According to Pierre-Paul, New York was its own worst enemy during its opening week loss in Dallas.

"Nothing has really changed, I'm not saying we aren't going to play the same, but nothing has really changed," said Pierre-Paul on the Cowboys performance since the start of the year. " We beat ourselves the first game. Six turnovers and we still lost by five points."

The Giants can ill-afford to lose another divisional game which would effectively put them three games back of the Cowboys by virtue of losing the head to head tiebreaker. Big Blue's season has taken a drastic turn the past few weeks as the defense has feasted on upstart quarterbacks while Eli Manning's offensive unit has shown signs of life after a lackluster start to the year. As the Giants hold their postseason destiny in their hands, Pierre-Paul credited his team's resiliency and mental toughness during the darkest of times.

"Guys took their bye and I don't know what they did on that bye week, but we came back stronger and prepared ourselves, ready to learn and sat with the coaches, just executing all of our plays," noted Pierre-Paul. "When we practice, we practice hard and that's basically it. There wasn't a big change in anything, it's just guys are playing with each other now and trusting each other."

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