Jacobs: Coughlin like a 'father figure'

New York Giants' running back Brandon Jacobs talks about his excitement and the team's preparedness for their game against the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday.

The New York Giants have gone from what many thought was a hopeless 0-6 team to winning four games in a row. Even so, the Giants are approaching a crucial rematch against the Dallas Cowboys (currently 5-5) on Sunday at 4:25 EST at their home stadium. Big Blue faced off against the Cowboys in Week 1 and lost 36-31. Giants' running back, Brandon Jacobs, says that there is "no question," that his eyes light up when it comes to the upcoming game.

"I didn't have an opportunity to play against them in Week 1 and all of last year, so I'm really looking forward to the opportunity… They're a good football team, you can't sleep on them, but we've got to come out and be ready," said Jacobs.

This game would be a difficult loss for the Giants and their community to deal with, but if they win, they will be making a strong statement to the NFL community concerning the playoffs. They would be at five wins and drop the Cowboys to 5-6.

"We have an opportunity to do something after being 0-6 and close some major cushion in our division with them being in front of us," said Jacobs. "That's the team we've got to go through. We know they're going to be ready, they've got some guys healthy, but it doesn't matter, we've played against them when they were 100 percent healthy in certain years, so it doesn't matter who they get back."

The Cowboys currently have two wide receivers, two defensive tackles, two defensive ends, and more on the injury report going into Week 12. Even so, many have reported as ready to play on Sunday. This, combined with the previous game against the Cowboys, has shown that this will not be a guaranteed win for the Giants. According to Jacobs, the Giants are ready for the pressure.

"If we're 10-0 and we have the Cowboys, it's a big game, no question. Right now it's a really meaningful game because of what we're trying to do in regards to our season, so we have to be ready… We know what we're in for," he said.

The real weapon the Giants have is their coach, Tom Coughlin, who stayed steady through the 0-6 start.

"A lot of us in this locker room look up to coach Coughlin and respect him as a man, as a father, first, before coach, and to us, to have him as our coach means a whole hell of a lot to us. Him coming in and preparing for these teams, week in and week out, he's going to have us ready and we know that. We're going to go out and fight for him."

Catch Giants game Sunday at 4:25 EST at East Rutherford.

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