Hakeem Nicks' big day too little too late

Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks had big numbers against the San Diego Charger's on Sunday, but it wasn't enough for a Big BLue win or trip to the playoffs this year.

New York Giants' wide receiver Hakeem Nicks has been silent for most of the up and down season until this Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers. Nicks made catches that left fans excited, and some other fans fantasy football points. Nicks caught five passes for an impressive 135 yards. This included a Hail Mary pass from quarterback Eli Manning at the end of first half caught by Nicks for a 43-yard completion. Unfortunately, it was just six yards short of the goal line and a much-needed Giants' touchdown to put the team on the board at the end of the first half.

Nicks also had an exciting 51-yard and 28-yard reception within this same game for crucial yards needed by the Giants' offense to work toward some type of scoring. So far he has tallied an impressive 654 yards for the 2013 season and hopes to continue making big plays in the remaining three games.

Even with an incredible day for Nicks, the Giants fell to 5-8 after losing their away game to the Chargers 34-14. Although the Giants began with a hard 0-6 start to the season, this loss was especially difficult. Since the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Detroit Lions and the Arizona Cardinals won their game against the St. Louis Rams, in addition to the Giants' loss, the team is officially eliminated from playoff contention this year.

Although they have been eliminated this season, the Giants still plan on finishing this season strong. Coaches and players are also looking to build and work toward a much more successful 2014 season, as they have noted for a while now.

You can catch the Giants play the Seattle Seahawks next Sunday at 1 PM EST at home.

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