G Men 'don't notice' SB countdown clock gone

The New York Giants put a concrete end to their Super Bowl hopes by removing the Super Bowl countdown clock that general manager Jerry Reese installed during training camp. Find out why several players didn't exactly buy in to the motivational tactic.

Ask the New York Giants where the Super Bowl countdown clock went and nobody seems to know or for that matter really care. General manager Jerry Reese installed the clock in Big Blue's locker room during training camp as a constant reminder of the team's ultimate goal of playing in February's big game at MetLife Stadium.

Well the motivational tactic clearly fell on deaf ears as the Giants were officially eliminated from playoff contention following their Week 14 loss to the San Diego Chargers. This week the Giants removed the clock from the practice facility putting an end to their championship dreams. As New York prepares for the NFC powerhouse Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, quarterback Eli Manning isn't getting caught up in the countdown clock craze.

"I didn't even notice it was down," said Manning of the Super Bowl countdown clock being removed. " I didn't really notice when it was up either."

Several other teammates echoed Manning's sentiments including outspoken star safety Antrel Rolle.

"No, I didn't notice it," mentioned Rolle of the countdown clock's removal. "It has no reason to be up right now. I think as players we understand what we've created here for ourselves, which is not a chance to go into the postseason, but right now I think that's not everything. We still have a lot to play for."

Even standout wide receiver Victor Cruz was hardly inspired by the team's countdown clock.

"It's a number on a board," said Cruz of the countdown clock. "We didn't need a number on a board to establish what our goals were. They were already clear cut in front of us and we didn't get it done."

"You see it every now and then, but it doesn't have our focus every day that we walk through here."

Defensive captain Justin Tuck recognizes the clock's removal signifies the end of New York's playoff hopes, but in his mind there's still plenty left to play for.

"I don't know if it's a tangible reminder but I know there's no need for it to be up right now," Tuck remarked. "We can't reach that goal so for us we move on to our next goal and that's just trying to win some football games."

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