Manning sets new Giants INT record

The New York Giants 23-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks secured their first losing season in the past nine years. The Giants also made team history by failing to score a single point in Week 15. To read about the history that was made at MetLife Stadium by quarterback Eli Manning, keep following the Giants Beat.

It was a tough game to watch for New York Giants fans who were at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. The Giants' loss to the Seattle Seahawks 23-0, locked up the team's first losing season in the past nine years. It was also the first time the Giants were shutout by their opponent in MetLife Stadium and the first shutout at home since 1995 against NFC East division rival Dallas Cowboys.

These historic moments though were not the big story for the Giants on this cold windy day at MetLife stadium. The big story was the horrible play of quarterback Eli Manning, whose struggles this season continued against the Seahawks' defense. Manning completed 18-of-31 passes for 156 yards and tossed five interception; marking the most interceptions Manning has thrown in a single in his career.

"I didn't play well," admitted Manning. "I didn't play as well as I needed to. Some of the throws that were intercepted could have been better. They could have been better throws. You hope some of them aren't intercepted."

The Giants offense overall were terrible, only managing a total of 181 yards and not putting any points on the scoreboard. Manning on being the offensive terrible performance and being shutout said

"Offensively we just didn't have much," noted Manning. "We didn't run the ball very well. We didn't throw the ball well. We didn't block things well, so they took everything away from us and we just didn't have much to lean on. I think probably every position got outplayed and beaten on a number of instances, which led to that performance."

Manning made history by throwing the most interception in Giants history. Manning, who now has 25 interception on the year leads the NFL and hasn't look like an elite quarterback all season season long.

"The only thing I can worry about is today and this season and trying to make improvements and get better and eliminate the turnovers and figure out a way for our offense to get going a little bit and play better than what we did today and trying to help our team and our defense and get things going," the Giants' quarterback said.

Manning plans on getting things going next week when the Giants take on the Detroit Lions and refuses wait till next year to fix things.

"I'm worried about next week and playing Detroit and trying to get back to where offensively we can play better than what we are and be able to throw the ball and make good decisions and make some plays," stated Manning.

Sunday's loss to the Seahawks marked the first time the Giants will finish with a losing record in a season since 2004, when Manning was is in his rookie season.

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