Tom Coughlin: Giants' offense pathetic

New York Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin expressed his extreme disappointment with his offensive unit after this past Sunday's shutout loss to the Seattle Seahawks 23-0.

In Week 15 the New York Giants fell to 5-9 after an embarrassing loss to the 12-2 Seattle Seahawks. Big Blue's head man was quick to take a shot at his offense's miserable outing.

"I think defensively and with our special teams, we got it," said New York's head coach. "Offensively we did not – there's no way to sugarcoat it. A pathetic offensive performance," said Coughlin in a press conference after Sunday's game. Coughlin's words are harsh but understandable after is offense was unable to score any points and Eli Manning turned the ball over five times alone."

Not only did Coughlin express disappointment with the game, but also surprise. Coming into the game most the players expressed their excitement in having a pressure-free game.

"The meeting was intense; it was good, positive," stated Coughlin. "I really had no indication. They're a good defensive team, but that's no excuse for what went on out there."

Among the problems on the offense included Eli Manning's five interceptions, bringing him to25 for the season, which is highest in the league and has tied his all-time high from 2010. On the subject of Eli's turnovers, Coughlin wasn't exactly a happy camper.

"The messages are that you can't turn the football over," declared Coughlin. "Each play is unique."

Coughlin insisted that he never considered taking Manning out of the game.

"You dig your own hole, you've got to fight your way out of it," Coughlin offered. "He's our guy and I'm not looking to make that decision at that point in time."

In addition, Victor Cruz went down hard after an incomplete pass and left the game with a concussion and sprained knee.

The loss is also a representation of all the things that have gone wrong for the Giants this season, especially when it comes to making bad choices. This will be Tom Coughlin's first losing season since 2005.

"The effort two-thirds of the way today was outstanding," noted Coughlin of Sunday's loss. "Then you have to get into that perhaps the effort was good offensively, but we didn't have a lot of success." and noted the number of things the team would be working on next year. "Well I told them we're never going to stop fighting. We're never going to stop working. We're never going to stop believing."

The Giants play the Detroit Lions Sunday at 4PM EST.

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