Brandon Myers regrets his recent Twitter rant

The losses and the season have taken its toll on the Giants and some Giants players like tight end Brandon Myers who went on a bit of a rant on twitter about his thoughts on how bad the team has been playing lately.

Emotions get the best of us sometimes. The players on the New York Giants have been seeing their emotions get the best of them and tight end Brandon Myers took to Twitter to voice his frustration.

Myers expressed displeasure with how certain teammates were pointing fingers; likely stemming from Antrel Rolle's locker room tirade following New York's 23-0 shutout loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

"I let my emotions get the best of me," Myers admitted of his Twitter rant. "The thing that we have to do the next two weeks is just stick together as a team and play together and try to get two wins, finish off the season. That's about it. It was a miscommunication. Like they tell us all the time, think before what you say and what you put out there. It was just a bad part on me and I'm just going to move on. We've moved on, it's not a big deal."

From his tweets, many feel Myers was provoked by one of his teammates, but isn't the case says Myers.

"It was just the emotion of the game, the way we were playing. It was frustrating," noted Myers. "There are better ways to go about it. Talk about it, be men. That's what we are here. Everyone's got each other's backs and just move on. That's what we've done, so it's not even an issue."

After tweeting his comments, Myers has been reprimanded by players and coaches, who took exception to what he tweeted. Since his tweets went public, Myers says he has talked to those individual and says there are issues what so ever saying on the matter "It's really not that big of a deal."

Besides Myers tweets, Giants safety Antrel Rolle made news this week when made a comment on the Giants' offense "not having a pulse."

"No. I think that's just him being emotional," said Myers of Rolle's criticism of the offense. "He's a very emotional player, he plays with his emotion on his sleeve. Offense, we didn't play well. It's the truth. We just have to come together and figure out what's going on and how we can fix it and move on from there."

With everything being heated in the Giants locker room, the players are still working together to find a way to turn things around for these last two games says Myers. Myers is confident in the Giants' mindset heading into these last two games.

"Everyone's talking about what we can do to get better and move on," stated Myers. "Man up to it and move on. Come together and the next two weeks, get two wins."

The Giants will have to come together these last two games if they do not want to finish with a 6-10 or even worse a 5-11 record. The last time the Giants had a 6-10 record was the 2004 season, which was Eli Manning's rookie year.

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