Beason: Win over Washington bittersweet

After a rough up and down season, the New York Giants were able to overcome the Washington Redskins at home this Sunday, ultimately ending 7-9. LB, Jon Beason described it as, "bittersweet."

The New York Giants have certainly had a roller-coaster of a season. The team started the 2013 season with a disappointing straight 0-6, a shocking record that many never expected them to recover from. Even so, the Giants came back with an even more surprising five game win streak, bringing them back into the competition. The remaining games were up and down, leaving them ultimately 7-9, ending with a win over division rivals, the Washington Redskins.

"It's tough, when you win games you feel like that's what you're supposed to do and then the ones you lose, you always look back at those and those are the ones that kind of linger a little bit," admitted Beason. "Based on where we started, a great finish, upwards for next year, but still bittersweet."

Although the Giants had a rough start, an immense amount of turnovers and some injuries (including that of quarterback Eli Manning in this last game of the season), they made quite a statement about the mentality of the team this season.

"We could have just said ‘hey, we're out of it,' but we didn't," noted Beason. "Guys showed a lot of character and pride, individually and collectively as a team. When you do that, I think that's important," and continued, "I'm not big into stats, but I'm not sure how many teams have done that starting 0-6 and the chance to win five in a row would have been the first time in NFL history."

One of the key factors in keeping the Giants alive this season was the seemingly constant effort by the defense. Although injuries for crucial players and leaders were sustained, such as that of Jason Pierre-Paul, the defense kept delivering for the team in spite of key players being sidelined.

"Really what transpired was guys coming together, saying, ‘I'm going to do my job, play for the man next to me, play hard and finish each play.' "That's really what it boiled down to," said Beason. "We got on a roll and played up to the level I think we're capable of. I still feel like there's a lot of room to grow.

And growth is exactly what Tom Coughlin has in mind. Earlier in the week he commented that preparation for the 2014 season would begin as soon as this season ended. Now that it has, Giants' fans and commentators anticipate the future of the franchise as well as their performance next season.

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