JPP will be back at a 'very high level'

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul speaks about moving forward from this season with his shoulder injury.

The New York Giants began the 2013 season with a disappointing 0-6 record before pulling themselves back up to end the season with a still subpar mark at 7-9. One of the big contributing factors to the team's inability to perform at certain times was the large amount of injuries key players suffered during the season. One of the most notable examples was defensive end, Jason Pierre-Paul and the injury he took to his shoulder, causing him to be out the majority of the season. When in comes to the Giants' season in general, Pierre-Paul tried to put things in perspective.

"It's nothing to be upset about," noted Pierre-Paul. "We learned from it and just have to come back next year and get better."

Not only does the team hope to get better, but Pierre-Paul hopes to be healthy and on the field at the start of next season. He believes he will be on the level necessary to play.

"A very high level," stated Pierre-Paul. "That's my plan. The offseason – go hard, train very hard and get back healthy. That's my level. I think if I do that, everything will fall in my favor." He continued by explaining, "It's not going to be an offseason for me, I'm going to spend that time getting healthy and going into training. I'm going to get back very quickly."

Even so, fans have witnessed players unable to fully come back from certain injuries, with one of the few exceptions being Adrian Peterson. Likewise, Pierre-Paul said his shoulder is on the mend

"It's getting better," noted Pierre-Paul. "I'm starting to lift weights a little bit now. Like I said, I will know by the end of this month, January, if I'm going to need surgery or not."

The Giants also have a lot of undrafted free agents and contracts to address, one being Pierre-Paul himself. It has been made clear that every player and staff member will be evaluated, and some wonder how injuries will be taken into account.

"Everybody on this team knows, even the players know, so I'm good, " noted Pierre-Paul.

Overall, Pierre-Paul, like the rest of the Giants franchise, is ready to come back for a better and more productive season in 2014. "

"Trust me there's no need to rush," noted Pierre-Paul. "

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