Brandon Jacobs retires a Giant

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs is calling it quits after nine seasons in the NFL.

The Giants had a very disappointing season missing the playoffs for the second year in a row. However, there were a few pleasing moments for Big Blue fans. One of the crowd-pleasing moments came in the return of former giants running back Brandon Jacobs.

Jacobs spent his first seven seasons as a Giant. He became one of the more popular Giants as his bruising running style helped Big Blue capture two championships. His powerful frame may also be the reason that his career has come to a swift end.

Running backs usually have a shorter career than any other position and a power running back like Jacobs usually have an even shorter career. The 6-foot-4, 264 pound back announced his retirement on Twitter Thursday night. Jacobs explained what went into his decision.

""Whether or not I want to run my new cartilage down," Jacobs explained as to what went into his decision to hang up the cleats. "Of course it's a surgery that can be done again, but with people making this procedure the way they do it, it kind of stops people from getting knee replacements, but it's also like $10,000 more expensive than a knee replacement."

Jacobs knee has become a lingering problem.

"I was hurt before I came back here," Jacobs said. "I got hurt last year in San Francisco. Come to find out, I should have had surgery then, so I came back and it kind of blew up. I started getting my knee drained the first week I got back here. I've been playing like that for a while."

Brandon pointed to the San Francisco medical staff for the possible mishandling of his injury.

"They told me I was fine, I didn't need to have surgery," noted Jacobs. "It just needed time, so I took it for what it was, thinking they knew what they were talking about. I didn't question the medical staff, because I didn't get a degree for it. They did. I never questioned the medical staff. I just said fine and she said it was going to be four to five weeks."

Despite the obvious knee injury, Jacobs played well for the Giants when his number was called. Jacobs best game of the season came in a loss against Chicago were he had 106 yards with two touchdowns.

"Right now, I think I ran pretty good with this knee being the way it was."

The two-time Super Bowl champion will always be remember as a Giant and knew in his heart the whole time he wanted to go out that way.

"I wanted to finish as a Giant, not by signing that one-day contract crap. I wanted to come back, put it on the line and then be done," he declared.

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