Should he stay or go: Hakeem Nicks

As one of the many free agents for the New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks faces the prospect of joining a new team this summer. Should the Giants try to meet his lofty contract demands or simply let him go to the highest bidder?

The New York Giants have quite a hefty offseason ahead of them. Not only is a period of reflection following the season necessary, but also the team has about thirty free agents and contracts to deal with. Among the big names in question, include wide receiver, Hakeem Nicks. Although he has contributed to the Giants' tremendously well since joining the team in 2009, Nicks has not delivered lately. For the 2013 season he had a career low of 56 receptions and less than 900 yards, and without one touchdown grab to top it off. This is after a less impressive 2012 season. So the question is, is Nicks one of the free agents to re-sign or let him walk?

General manager Jerry Reese believes Nicks would still be a good player for the team, but needs to "focus more." At the same time, Nicks has expressed a great desire to return to the team. Even so, a franchise tag for Nicks would probably cost the Giants 10 million dollars, while a full contract on the level of Victor Cruz could be anywhere around 40 million dollars. With his slumping statistics, re-signing Nicks at such a high price would probably be a mistake for the Giants when they could use the free money to bring in new talent and resign free agents they are sure they want to keep.

Yet, in the NFL we have all seen players have subpar seasons here and there before coming back and delivering record statistics. Apart from Nicks' poor numbers, Big Blue's struggles could be contributed to the overall poor offensive performance and the amount of turnovers on the part of Manning. Even so, the overall cost of Nicks is not worth a poor performance, especially if the Giants want a fresh start on offense next year. The Giants should either let go of Nicks completely in order to bring in new talent or re-sign him to just a one-year contract to see if he can deliver for the team in 2014.

The Giants will have a long offseason ahead with plenty of decision-making and building we all are looking forward to.

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