Good Move, Bad Move: Jermichael FInley

As free agency fast approaches, Jermichael Finley headlines a list of talented tight ends hitting the open market. Would he be a good signing for the Giants, or should they steer away from him due to his injury history? To hear more about whether or not Finley would be a good fit for the Giants and all things Big Blue, keep following us on The Giants Beat.

NFL free agency beings March 1, and all 32 NFL franchises have their eyes set on swooping up the players on the open market. The New York Giants have a lot of decisions to make during the offseason. With now 26 players from the 2013 team eligible for free agency, the 2014 Giants team might look a lot different than last year's version. Besides deciding which of their 26 players from 2013 to re-sign, the Giants will look to sign some star free agents to help fill some of their team needs. One player that has been talked about that the Giants might target in free agency is tight end Jermichael Finley.

Finley is a six year veteran out of the University of Texas, who has been star tight end when healthy for the Green Bay Packers his whole career. In three out of his six seasons in the NFL, Finley has averaged over 57 catches, and was a big part of the Packers offensive dominance during the 2011 season, registering eight touchdown catches and almost 800 yards receiving. Now a free agent, Finley will be one of the top free agents at the tight end positions on the market, which is a team need for the Giants.

The question is though should the Giants sign Finley? Finley is a playmaking NFL tight end and has proved when he is healthy that he can be one of the best tight ends in the league. With his his size and speed, he provides a great target in the red zone and is adept at recording completions down the seams of field. He can stretch defenses and is a decent blocker in the running game.

The big problem though with Finley is his if he can stay healthy. In two of his six seasons in the NFL, Finley has had season ending injuries. In 2010 he had a season ending knee injury and this past season he suffered a bruised spinal cord injury that some thought might be career ending. Because of this slew of injuries, many NFL personnel are not sure he will be the same player he was and if he should even try playing football again.

Finley also will ask for big time contract and signing him may hurt the Giants chances of signing other free agents. The money might be less though now because of the injury Finley had last season, but the contract might offer a good amount of guaranteed money.

At the end of the day, Finley is worth signing for the Giants. From recent media reports Finley is positive that he will be cleared by doctors to play again and he has proven he can come back from an injury; having his best season of his career in 2011 coming off his season ending knee injury. Finley is a great fit for the Giants offense, with the hire of new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, who coached Finley on the Packers and was his tight end coach the first four years of his career. With McAdoo bringing over an offense similar to the Packers, Finley is a perfect fit having been a great player in that system during his career.

He would be a great target for quarterback Eli Manning too and would help No. 10 get back to top form after a terrible 2013 season. After cutting tight end Brandon Myers last week and Bear Pascoe being a free agent, the Giants have no tight end on their roster who has started an NFL game in their career.

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