Giants' OC wants to focus on ball security

The New York Giants led the NFL with 44 turnovers last season and newly hired offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo is looking to buck that trend in 2014.

Newly hired offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo has high expectations for the New York Giants' offense. McAdoo is looking to turn around a very disappointing Big Blue offensive unit that struggled the entire season last year. New York is under reconstruction as McAdoo plans to incorporate his Green Bay offense into the Giants already installed offensive schemes.

"The offensive system here with the Giants has been in place for a long time," noted McAdoo on a conference call with reporters. "The offensive system that I'm coming from I've been in for 10 years," McAdoo explained during a conference call."

"Right now, what we're doing is we're upstairs, all of the offensive coaches and Coach Coughlin, we are sitting there and going through the nuts and bolts of things."

McAdoo was hesitant to reveal much about his offensive plans and philosophy. The Packers former quarterbacks coach acknowledge the fact that the offense was in its early stages of construction and its identity is still quite unknown.

"At this point we're starting to build what we're going to look like," admitted McAdoo. "Every offensive system is its own living, breathing organism. At the end of the day, you have to make sure you're flexible enough. It depends on what type of personnel you feed it to see what it's going to look like. It's a little early to know what we're going to look like right now."

The youthful McAdoo has his hands full in his first stint as an offensive coordinator. The first year play caller has a poor offensive line, questionable pass catchers, an injury prone backfield and a quarterback that led the league in interceptions. One of the first priorities for McAdoo will be reassuring those flaws and getting back to the fundamentals.

"We're going to be an offense that has an identity, first and foremost," declared the Giants new offensive coordinator. "We're going to be sound, smart and tough. We're going to be committed to discipline and poise, and at the end of the day, we're going to hang our hat on the fundamentals."

It seems that McAdoo plans to focus on protecting Manning first and foremost. He would like to have a tight end and running back that can protect the-two-time champion. The second thing will be taking care of the ball. The Giants led the league in turnovers with 44, which was ten more than any other team in the NFL.

"Taking care of the football is the biggest factor in winning and losing games," offered McAdoo. "Fundamentals can help you there. At the same point in time, everybody on the offensive side of the ball needs to play better. With that being said, everyone comes in with a clean slate. This is going to be a new operation on offense."

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