Scouting the Giants: Kellen Davis

The New York Giants had a major hole to fill this offseason after releasing veteran Brandon Myers during free agency. A former top draft prospect, Kellen Davis, now finds himself with Big Blue, but can he finally shed the label as NFL draft bust?


Despite his inability to live up to his pre-draft hype, Davis is still an effective blocking tight end. The Giants were without an effective player at this position last season, and setting aside previously discussed issues along the offensive line, the lack of a blocking tight end only exacerbated the porous blocking. Now with the Giants picking up Kellen Davis and his 6-foot-7, 260 pound frame, he should alleviate some of the horrid blocking. His size and strength should help the Giants in third down passing situations, especially in the NFC East, where the Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins all have talented edge pass rushers. Davis' ability to chip or provide a double team on the outside against the edge rusher should enable Eli Manning more time to throw, and thus reduce the amount of hits/sacks Manning endures this season.


Davis is a below average receiving tight-end. Since his 2012 season with the Bears, in which he hauled in 19 catches for 229 yards, he has been nonexistent in the passing game. Last season, with Seattle, he caught 3 passes for 32 yards and was inactive for the Super Bowl. His physique makes him a puzzling case as to why he has not developed into a more effective receiving tight end. The Giants hope they can be the team to put the puzzle pieces together and maybe make Lovie Smith's thoughts prior to the 2012 season a reality when he said " I think if you want to feature Kellen Davis (in the passing game) you can do that."

Career Highlight:

In 2011during the fourth quarter of a blowout between coincidentally two of Davis's former teams, the Bears and Seahawks, Davis hauled in a 39 yard touchdown pass from Jay Cutler. The pass put an exclamation point on a very impressive performance by the Bears, and showcased the potential versatility Davis possesses. Off a play action fake from Cutler, Davis ran behind safety Earl Thomas and hauled in the floating pass, exhibiting his athleticism and ability to use his physical frame that made him such an intriguing draft prospect.


Grade: B+

Grading a player who has played sparingly last season presents various unknowns about his potential. That being said, if everything breaks right, in my view, his ceiling is tentatively a B+. He will help the Giants in passing situations with his blocking ability, but his consistency as a receiver remains a question yet to be answered. If the Giants utilize Davis in their blocking schemes and he proves effective while also developing into a reliable passing target, his full potential will be reached. However, that is a lot to ask for out of a player who was a third sting tight-end last season in Seattle, but his body type and athleticism make this seemingly unreachable potential remotely possible.

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