Josh Freeman spells bad news for the Giants

With Eli Manning dogged by an ankle injury, the New York Giants were desperate to find a viable backup option for the two-time Super Bowl MVP. Find out why veteran gunslinger Josh Freeman is more of a problem, than a solution for Big Blue.

At 26, Josh Freeman finds himself at the cusp of footballing irrelevance. The former first round No. 17 overall pick showed flashes of brilliance in his four seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers breaking several franchise records, most notably during his standout 2010 season. After being unceremoniously cut by the Bucs, Freeman made a single disastrous start under center for the Minnesota Vikings before becoming a free agent again.

Although Freeman's play improved following the acquisition of receiving threats, Dallas Clark and Vincent Jackson, he has never shown enough individual talent to be considered a lone threat. As such, the question becomes whether or not the Giants have enough on offense and defense to cover this major deficiency. In short, the Giants currently lack a consistent aerial threat, are shaky rushing the ball, and injury-prone on defense.

Moreover, one of the biggest knocks on Freeman is his propensity for turnovers as he is often accused of forcing throws. The Giants will be keenly aware of this given the career high 27 interceptions thrown by Eli Manning last year. Furthermore, Freeman does not represent a vast improvement in terms of age. Eli is 33-years-old and Giants officials have begun openly pondering the need for a successor shortly. As a result, signing Freeman would serve as a Band-Aid solution as Manning undergoes his six week rehab.

The Giants have two other options given the need to fill a month a half gap: start Ryan Nassib and let him get some hands-on, experiential learning or sign another free agent, Matt Flynn.

The former is an option that the Giants front office seems hesitant to make given its experimental nature. The latter, however, is much more feasible. Flynn has had a number of opportunities across several teams to entrench himself as a starter but has failed. The Giants' new offensive coordinator, Ben McAdoo, has worked extensively with Flynn during their shared time at Green Bay. Additionally, the Packers have shown interest in re-signing Flynn, a possible sign that he can still create value for a team. Given the Giants limited mandate and timeframe, Freeman isn't the best option, but not worst either. Between opting to play a rookie or signing another free agent, Big Blue is still searching for upside for the team's future. Grade: D+

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