David Wilson expects to be ready by OTAs

One of the most dynamic players on the New York Giants barely saw action last season after suffering a serious neck injury. With nine months to recover, running back David Wilson told reporters this week that he'll be ready to go for Big Blue's summer training program.

After suffering a herniated disc in early October, the Giants running back didn't experience any pain; he didn't have any symptoms; he didn't show any lingering effects at all, really. But MRIs on his neck didn't show the team's doctors what they wanted, and so week after week went by and David Wilson kept waiting — or, at least, he tried his best.

"I snuck out on the [practice] field and was removed," Wilson admitted during a media session on Tuesday. "I never had pain from the injury, even after it happened, the day after it happened, the moment after it happened. I'm in the locker room telling the coaches, ‘Let me go back out there, I don't feel anything.'

More than three months removed from corrective surgery, he's been lifting and working at full speed. But as eager as he is — "You see me," he responded after being asked what kind of shape he was in — Wilson is still waiting as the Giants' offseason program begins, looking for that last passing grade.

"I passed every test except a picture and that's the only reason I'm not on the field," he said. "Because of pictures. Right now we just need to get the photograph that we need."

Wilson says he's ahead of schedule, and that he'll be cleared to return by the time OTAs start in May. For as positive as the 22-year-old remains, however, the Giants don't seem to be so sure that photograph will ever come, or what type of production they'll get from him if it does — even before his injury in Week 5, Wilson was benched after his fumbling problem returned in the season opener against Dallas, and the team gave $10 million this offseason to free agent Rashad Jennings to compete for the starting job.

For now, Wilson welcomes the competition and is saying all the right things.

"[Jennings] is definitely a helper for the team," Wilson said. "Running back is a position where it's not going to be one guy like a quarterback. Depending on the play, you're going to have a different personnel in. There are very few teams that have one running back that's always in there."

Before that tandem sees the field together, though, he and the Giants are just going to have to wait. But David Wilson has gotten used to that.

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