Manning out indefinitely; ankle healing

The New York Giants were a bruised and battered team a season ago and their franchise signal-caller is still recovering from an ankle injury he sustained towards the end of the 2013 campaign.

Eli Manning has had a busy offseason as he is currently rehabbing from an ankle procedure, learning a new playbook, and meeting new teammates.

According to the QB, the procedure went smoothly and his ankle is healing quickly. Although he did not specify a timetable for his return, Eli did say that the Giants expect their star to be ready by training camp. He further dispelled rumors that he injured himself playing basketball at Duke.

Instead, he was given cortisone shots weeks prior to the procedure which had hid the discomfort. As the effects of the drug wore off, the doctors found other issues with the player's ankle. The doctors, team, and player felt preemptive treatment was a wiser option than risking Manning to an injury later.

This is the 1st time Manning has had ankle surgery, it will be his 2nd time learning a new offense. Ben McAdoo is the Giants' new offensive coordinator and is in the midst of installing a West-coast styled offense, akin to the one run by his former employer, the Green Bay Packers.

Despite being unable to test the new system with his teammates, Manning has been trying to run as many mental reps as possible. Entering his 11th season, the QB recognizes that the new playbook is the "same things just said differently" and he pinpointed the difference in timing on routes as the key difference between playbooks. Presently, Manning has had no input in the new offensive schemes as getting healthy is his principal concern.

Manning stated that he is excited about the new offense and that there has been a sense of urgency to this offseason. This urgency has been promoted by the aforementioned coaching changes and by a higher-than-usual number of free agency signings and trades.

A consequence of the changes in personnel and system is the importance of Manning getting comfortable with these new faces; something he has already noted. The QB believes getting to know his teammates personally will allow him to better understand their personalities which, in turn, develops friendship, builds trust, and leads to more fluid communication.

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