Justin Pugh eager to learn Giants new offense

The Giants will have a whole new look for the 2014 season starting with the new West Coast offense being installed by new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo. To hear more about Pugh's offseason and his thoughts on the new West Coast, keep it here on the Giants Beat.

The New York Giants have been experiencing a lot of changes this offseason. Besides free agent signings, the Giants made changes to their offense by bringing in new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, who will be installing a new West Coast offense for Big Blue in 2014. This new fast pace, passing type offense has made a lot of returning offensive players very excited for the upcoming season and ready to getting work with the system in OTA's. Giants offensive tackle Justin Pugh is one of those players who are really looking forward to be running the west coast offense this season.

"We're just in the very beginning process of installing it," said Pugh of the new offensive system. "I think as we get going and really start… the meat and potatoes, we're getting that installed now. We're just trying to share the philosophies, talk about how you build chemistry, how chemistry leads to trust and things like that. I think we're still in the beginning stages so it'll take a little bit more time before we really know what we've got."

Entering his second year in the NFL, Pugh is familiar with the West Coast offense playing in that same system during his time at Syracuse. \

"I don't know how much I can really say," said the Giants second-year lineman. "I'm still learning. I know it's going to be up-tempo; we're going to be moving the ball. It's something that we did as Syracuse, very similar stuff so I'm excited about it. I just can't wait to get out there and do it against our defense."

Pugh will be expected to do a lot for the Giants this season from his rookie season, especially with the changes that have occurred on the Giants offensive line this offseason. Offensive lineman David Bass and Kevin Boothe are both gone, David Diehl retired, and the Giants have signed four new offensive lineman in free agency including Geoff Schwartz, who was the best offensive lineman in free agency.

"It definitely has a different feel in the offensive line room," noted Pugh. "You lose some of those veteran leaders, you have Diehl retiring, Boothe gone, David Baas gone, Chris Snee is back there so that's always good to have him back, last year with him being hurt. I think it's good. We're all starting fresh. It's a clean slate, a new offense, everyone's on the same page. I feel very comfortable with it already and I'm just excited to get moving forward."

Personally this offseason, Pugh had surgery on his thumb that he banged up back during the 2013 season.

"IIt was six weeks, very minor," noted Pugh. "Probably one of the most common surgeries any offensive lineman is going to get. I was in and out and as soon as the six-week mark hit I was back benching and doing everything I needed to do."

And boy is he. Pugh is bigger and stronger than ever and is ready to get back on the field.

"Now we're going to start running, get that going," stated Pugh. "Continue to get better, continue to work hard and continue to work with the new guys and really get this thing going. Get a little gel."

That is news that Giants fans are happy to hear.

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