Cruz's knee 100 percent, excited to be back

As the New York Giants prepare to install a new offensive system, wide receiver Victor Cruz is thrilled to be back with his teammates.

New York Giants star wide receiver Victor Cruz expressed confidence in his chemistry with quarterback Eli Manning and is hoping to become a consistent big-yardage threat this season. The quarterback/receiving duo sampled the new playbook at Duke before Manning's operation; a procedure that surprised the receiver who thought his quarterback looked and moved fine. No. 10's injury layoff does not concern Cruz whose only concern is understanding the new playbook. The receiver is more interested in making sure that the rest of the team is prepared once the QB does return. Cruz predicts smooth sailing once Eli is comfortable with the West-coast offense and expects a productive year for the Giants' offense. As for his own health, Cruz believes his knee is fully healthy and the player is excited to be back at work.

"I'm 100 percent, ready to go," stated Cruz. "My knee feels great. I'm just excited to be back in this building, back smelling this grass again and being around you beautiful people so I'm excited."

Victor Cruz, the New York Giants' star wide receiver, is still unhappy about last season's ending. He believes the installation of a new, Green Bay-inspired, offense is an important reset button that can immediately improve the team's performance. The WR understands the business side of the sport and appreciates the numerous roster changes made by the organization.

"I got a little taste of it early on at Duke with Eli just trying to get some little tidbits in there, as much as we can during that short period of time while we were there," said Cruz of installing the new offense. "Just knowing that this is a high-powered offense, high-octane, we got a little taste of it so far and I'm excited about it."

A New offense and new players means Cruz has spent the offseason acclimating to new terminology and new plays. His job has been slightly hampered as his role has not yet been clearly defined. He has, in past seasons, been used as a slot receiver, but is looking forward becoming a slot and outside threat. Cruz indicated that he felt the old playbook was reactive and limiting whereas the new offense gives Eli and his WR more room for improvisation.

" I feel like I'm a guy that can play inside and outside, can play both positions very well and I think that's where I'm going to be utilized… kind of all over the field, wherever I can get the ball the most, wherever I can help this team at," admitted Cruz.

Hakeem Nicks' exit means Victor Cruz becomes the Giants' de facto No. 1 receiver. Something he sees this more in terms of as a teammate than player i.e. Cruz wants to become more vocal in his praise, criticism, and overall evaluation of his teammates, on and off the field. His role as a receiver will stay relatively unchanged although he anticipates a larger number of touches and varied looks as an outside or inside option.

In terms of receivers that did not attend the voluntary workouts at Duke, Cruz understands the importance of family obligations but did not sound wholly approving either. Looking forward, Victor Cruz can't wait to take on the Giants' new-look secondary, make big plays, and help his teammates understand their roles and, hopefully, step their game up.

We have a lot of big cornerbacks that we've accrued on our team and I'm excited for the challenge to go up against those guys," declared Cruz. "I'm always up for a good challenge. I always like to compete and those guys that we have on our team are definitely competitors so I'm excited to go out here and see what that's like."

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