Chris Snee admits he contemplated retirement

Entering his eleventh season with the New York Giants, offensive lineman Chris Snee was battered and bruised last season. Speaking with reporters this week, the veteran admitted that the thought of retirement crept into his mind in 2013.

In a recent Q&A, Giants' veteran guard Chris Snee shared his thoughts about his future and the many new additions to the Big Blue roster.

Drafted out of Boston College in 2004, Snee is now entering his eleventh season with Big Blue. As a two-time Super Bowl champion and four-time Pro Bowl selection, he's seen more than a few faces come and go throughout his fruitful career.

Following hip and elbow injuries that cut his last season short, Snee seems to be recovering well and is projected to remain as the Giants' starting right guard. When asked about his personal expectations, Snee told reporters that he is back at "100 percent."

"I'm very optimistic and positive," Snee said. "I've continued to climb in every aspect of my strength so I'm very encouraged with what's been going on."

Snee has experienced quite a bit of wear and tear during his ten years in the NFL. As he underwent two surgeries around this time last year, the notion of retirement was definitely a possibility.

"I was trying not to think about it but sure it creeps into your mind," Snee said. "It creeps into your mind – how your body is going to respond to another surgery, let alone two. I really, really just focused on getting healthy." Snee has participated in the majority of the Giants' offseason workouts and says he will go ‘100 percent' in preparation for the 2014 season.

As for all the changes happening to the Giants' offense, the veteran right guard said that he ready to move on from last season, and that all the recent readjustments were necessary.

"Jerry (Reese) and everyone else put a team out there that they think is going to win, that being this year there are a lot of changes," noted Snee.

With newly added Rashad Jennings expected to be the No. 1 back, developing chemistry between he and Snee is going to be critical for the Giants' run game.

In addition to all the new players, Ben McAdoo is going into his first year as the Giants' offensive coordinator. When asked if the team was doing anything differently due to all the recent changes Snee replied that everyone was doing their best to learn.

"It's different for me because I have to learn the offense," New York's long-time lineman said. "Before it was the same offense I had for 10 years so I kind of knew it inside and out and I was able to help everyone else who came in and was trying to learn it. Now I'm trying to learn this just like everyone else."

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