Reese: Beckham Jr. top guy on our draft board

It's not often that a team selecting outside the top ten gets the top rated player on their draft board, but that's exactly what happened to the New York Giants according to General Manager Jerry Reese.

Each NFL franchises draft board is alive. It shuffles, shifts, and slides more than Derek Jeter and the Milwaukee Brewers Mascot. The future of a franchise is altered with every pick and every player taken. With that said, for the Giants, and GM Jerry Reese, an anomaly occurred. Reese's board didn't shift and slide. Instead, Reese settled on his man, watched him fall and nabbed him with the No. 12 pick. Odell Beckam Jr. is who he wanted, who he got, and who he says he now has the privilege to call a Giant.

"It was a really good pick for us," noted Reese. "We obviously wanted to address the wide receiver position, as well as other positions. He was the highest guy on our board, number one, and he brings a lot to the table for us. He's a dynamic receiver, dynamic punt returner and a dynamic kickoff returner. You are getting a guy that can score touchdowns in three different ways for you. There's no way we would pass him up."

Reese expects Beckam to be an immediate contributor, and predicts his most noticeable contribution this season will be on special teams.

"Anytime you pick a guy at 12 you expect him to come in and be a contributor for you," said New York's GM. "He definitely can come in and be your first punt and kick returner right out of the gate. We think that this guy is a lump-in-your-throat kind of kick and punt returner. If he gets some blocks, he can go with it. That was very attractive because you are getting a two-for-one kind of guy."

Reese says the most stressful part was waiting and hoping he wasn't nabbed by another team coveting a high ceiling receiver with a plethora of SEC experience.

"We just try to keep our composure in there," stated Reese. "We saw that it was falling our way, but you never know. We have had several times where the guy that we want gets picked right in front of us. If somebody would have taken him, I think it was Tennessee who picked right in front of us, if they had taken him, we would have been happy with a couple of the other guys we had on our board there."

Reese says the pick was predicated on assisting franchise quarterback Eli Manning, and providing him with "weapons."

"We are talking about the quarterback needing some help, and this guy is a weapon," admitted Reese. "He needs a weapon on the outside, and Victor [Cruz] is more of an inside receiver. Victor can't play outside. Rueben Randle, [Jerrel] Jernigan, and we got Mario [Manningham] back, so we are trying to get the quarterback some weapons. You need weapons in this league. We think this guy is a weapon."

The NFL Draft is about assessing need and plugging in talent, and Jerry Reese believes he has accomplished both objectives by drafting Odell Beckham Jr.

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