Giants draft comparison

The Giants Beat completes a round by round comparison of Big Blue's draft selection from 2013 and 2014.

The New York Giants continued their hectic off-season by welcoming seven new players through the 2014 draft. Similar to last year's draft, the team selected 4 offensive players and seemed to focus on organizational fit as much as talent. Certain positional depth charts, RB, S, and DT, were strengthened as players for these positions were chosen in this and last year's draft.

Hakeem Nicks' departure to the Colts was an added catalyst for the Giants picking Odell Beckham Jr. with their 12th pick. The WR is accustomed to playing an NFL-styled offense thanks to the fact that he already possess the skill set to be an immediate contributor. The pick mirrors the team's 2013 first round pick of Justin Pugh who was also considered to be pro ready prior to the draft. Pugh, an OT, should also contribute more effectively in his second season given the team's shift towards a west-coast styled offense, similar to his Alma matter, Syracuse University.

The second round is where the experts believe the Giants profited most. The selection criteria for the last two years is quite clear: a solid, consistent performer that is otherwise lacking in conditioning. Despite playing on opposite ends of the ball, Weston Richburg, the 2014 Round Two pick, and Johnathan Hankins, the Giants' second rounder last year compliment the aforementioned and are projected to develop into regular starters if they can work on their stamina and overall fitness.

During both years, the team drafted exclusively defensive players in Round Three and offensive one in round 4. Damontre Moore, a DE, was selected last year and has shown glimpses of play now potential. Jay Bromley (another SU alum, Go ‘CUSE!) is considered a project and will be competing with Hankins for a regular spot. Ryan Nassib is currently a prototypical backup QB waiting for his turn. His 2014 Round Four counterpart, Andre Williams, on the other hand, is going to want the ball soon and often. He has shown great potential in college including being shortlisted for the 2013 Heisman but he has also been accused of lacking consistency, something that is expected from a rookie.

A safety was picked in round 5 for both 2013 and 2014 and players selected in these final rounds are projected to be handy, blue collar workhorses that were selected on personality and fit as well as natural talent.

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