Giants best and worst 2014 draft pick

The Giants Beat's experts determine the boom and the bust of Big Blue's 2014 rookie draft class.

Best Draft Pick:

You could easily make a case for the flashy first round pick of Odell Beckham Jr, or the second round pick of Weston Richburg, but these picks have fallen atop of the draft expert's draft board. Therefore, in analyzing the Giants best draft selection, we go to the third round and look to the selection of Jay Bromley. During his Syracuse career, Bromley's leadership on and off the field was clearly evident, which led experts to believe his draft stock could dramatically rise on draft night with teams searching for established leaders.

That team was the Giants, who drafted a bevy of proven leaders from around the country. But, for those who aren't familiar with Bromley, or Syracuse football for that matter, here is a basic synopsis.

With conference realignment taking place, Syracuse moved from the Big East to the ACC, thus the competition became immensely stronger. Syracuse went from playing UConn and South Florida to playing Clemson and Florida State. With that being said, ACC play is when Bromley performed at his best, registering ten sacks from the defensive tackle position and being a force in the middle of a strong, yet inexperienced defensive line. His ability to anchor one of the best run defenses in the country coupled with the ability to limit the Giants fourth round selection Andre Williams to under 100 yards in Syracuse's matchup against Boston College helps illustrate his value and potential impact at the pro level.

Worst Draft Pick:

As the draft heads into the later rounds, talent naturally depletes, however, the Giants fifth round selection of Nat Berhe from San Diego State could have been used more effectively to address an inconvenient, yet necessary team need: the backup quarterback.

With Eli Manning's health in fluctuation coming off ankle surgery, the Giants backup quarterback depth chart includes the unproven names of Curtis Painter and Ryan Nassib. Therefore, it is simple to suffice that he Giants need a more reliable player to fill that position. This pick could have been spent more efficiently had it been used on Alabama quarterback A.J McCarron, who was still available at the time of the Giants selection. McCarron was a two-time national champion and would have fit in extremely well with the Giants current idea of obtaining solid character players who were in leadership positions with their respective teams. His experience playing under constant pressure at Alabama and facing the best defenses in the country week after week displays his ability to likely be an asset, and one which the Giants should have obtained.

McCarron's development from a game manager to a leader coupled with his ability to gain the trust and/belief of his teammates further exemplifies the type of player the Giants were looking for and could have gotten with McCarron, while also addressing a glaring, yet unnoticed need.

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