Former LSU teammates reunite on the Giants

New York Giants rookie Odell Beckham Jr. has found a mentor in former LSU teammate Rueben Randle who has proven helpful while the first year pro acclimates to his new NFL team.

Starting up with a new NFL team can be tough, even for a draft pick that comes with the accolades that Odell Beckham Jr. does. There are new teammates and coaches to meet, new plays to learn, and a whole new football environment to get used to. Fortunately for the Giants' top draft pick, there are some friendly faces in his new office.

"It's been great with Rueben [Randle]," said Beckham to reporters on Tuesday. "He kind of, when I came into LSU he taught me the ropes there. He's teaching me things now. He may not be (my) personal tutor but he'll teach me what I need to know as far as the position that he plays and the opposite side as well."

Randle, who was drafted by the Giants in the second round of the 2012 draft, was teammates with Beckham at LSU. The two even played wide receiver alongside each other during the 2011 college football season.

"We usually played, him and I were starting at the time and we did a lot of me and him lining up on the same side," said Beckham. "Just being next to him and then being back it at again, it's like you never left."

Even though Beckham is a rookie and Randle is entering his third year with the Giants, there is a lot to learn for both players. That's because new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo is busy installing an offense that is new for everyone on the team.

"Really right now we're all still learning. It's a new offense for everybody," explained Beckham. "They just got it maybe two, three weeks ago. Everybody else is still learning as well. Right now it's really just, it's up in the air and it's up to coach where and how he's going to use me."

Beckham is learning the outside wide receiver positions first, but it looks like the team also wants him to be able to work in the slot this season.

"I kind of taught myself the X right now and learned the Z as well so when they're in the two-minute and you don't switch sides you know exactly what's going on," said Beckham. "And then you move on to the inside because coach says he would love for me to go inside and do some things. Kind of just learning it all day by day."

As the Giants move forward with offseason activities, Beckham's role in the new offense should become clearer.

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