Giants' Position Battles: Tight End

A collection of largely inexperienced and unproven players is exactly what the New York Giants are dealing with at the tight end position. It will likely take the entire preseason to determine which, if any are worthy of being the Week 1 starter. That being said, here are the most likely, and unlikely candidates for this position.

Front Runner: Adrien Robinson

The former fourth round pick in 2012 has been hampered by injuries the past two seasons, but still has the potential to be a force at the tight end position according to Jerry Reese. His 6-foot-4, 264 pound frame is what made Jerry Reese declare on draft day in 2012 that he hopes to develop Robinson into the "JPP of tight ends." Along with confidence from management, another sign Robinson is the front runner is the Giants reluctance to place him on injured reserve even after it became clear he would not be healthy enough to play. If injuries don't hamper him this season, and if Reese still believes his 2012 draft day sentiment, it is very likely Adrien Robinson will be the starting tight end this season.

In the Mix: Daniel Fells

The main characteristic separating Fells from the pack is indeed his experience, at least relative to every other tight end on the Giants roster. During his career, Fells has hauled in 92 passes for over 1,000 yards. While these are certainly not eye popping numbers, it provides a somewhat secure beginning point for the Giants to evaluate the talent level at this position. Fells has also showcased the ability to stretch a defense, as his four receptions in 2012 averaged 21.3 yards. Despite his absence from the NFL last season, Fells has proven to be a solid backup tight end, and while that is not what most teams desire out of any position, unless someone unproven distinguishes themselves in the preseason, experience could enabled Fells to be the starting tight end Week 1.

The Darkhorse: Kellen Davis

Davis is an enigma. He has physical tools similar to Jimmy Graham, yet has been unable to find a home in the NFL, and has thus far been unable to put the pieces together. His lowest point may have come last season, as he was left off the Super Bowl roster for Seattle in a surprising move by head coach Pete Carroll. However, if that moment was rock bottom for Davis, he can only go up. Being 6-foot-7 and 263 pounds makes him the prototypical tight end in today's NFL, yet being a physical specimen can only take a player so far. Davis has a slim opportunity to grab hold of this tight end position, but its third down a long, and he must make a major play.

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