Giants' Position Battles: Defensive Tackle

The New York Giants have an eclectic mix of defensive stalwarts heading into training camp. One by one, we whittle down the potential candidates for the starting Defensive Tackle position in Week 1.

Front Runners: Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson

The two most experienced DTs are also most likely to start in the Giants' 4-3 Defensive scheme. Jenkins, a former Packer and Eagles player, is a Super Bowl winner who has had over a year to familiarize himself with the team's defensive scheme and continue his partnership with Mike Patterson, a former and current partner-in-crime who is the team's other likely DT. Patterson is a talented, smart, and athletic player who has had some injury concerns in the past including having brain surgery after being diagnosed with cerebral arteriovenous malformation.

Bob McAdoo's hiring as Offensive Coordinator will add an extra layer of preparation for the defensive players too and should help develop these two given his West-Coast preference.

In the Mix: Markus Kuhn and Johnathan Hankins

Not much is known about Kuhn on the professional level. His first season, in 2012, was cut short due to a torn ACL while his 2013 debut came in Week 13. He was nominated by his coaches as acknowledgment for his strong work ethic and intellect. Markus, a German native, is a work-in-progress who requires some hands-on playing time to expand his development. As an international player, he provides the team with a unique marketing tool and can leverage him to expand their fan base into Europe, a strategy in line with the NFL's desire to grow globally.

Hankins is the type of player who's tough against the run and possesses natural quickness. While Hankins has the greater upside as an athlete, Kuhn has proven his discipline and professionalism over the last couple of years. Either can be installed for several plays in a series especially to block the run or on 3rd and mid situations.

Dark Horse: Jay Bromley

Bromley has had to overcome several obstacles in life and already proven his character and toughness. He was Syracuse's team captain and has shown some capability and prowess in chasing down and hitting QBs. He will be a good future fit for the Giant's 4-3 and should improve over time.

No Chance: Eathyn Manumaleuna and Kelcy Quarles

Great athletes who may fit the roster of other teams but are redundant given the Giants DTs' depth and experience. They are too rough around several patches including the pass-rush, run blocking and general fitness and stamina.

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