Giants Release QB Josh Freeman

His time with the New York Giants was short-lived after the team released veteran quarterback Josh Freeman just two days into OTAs.

Quarterback Josh Freeman is now a free agent after being released Friday by the New York Giants. Freeman, who was signed on April 21, will now have to wait, yet again, to be signed by another team. This is not the first time the Kansas State graduate has been released from a team. He has previously played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Minnesota Vikings.

Freeman evidently did not make a good first impression on the New York Giants coaching staff after being cut during the first few days of OTAs. The reasons for his release were not announced, but it's safe to say his performance was not up to par and was an expendable commodity to the four-time Super Bowl winning team.

The now 240 pound 6-foot-6 26 year old seemed to have shown a potential career when he started in his first NFL game with the Buccaneers in 2009. After the win, he became the youngest quarterback in Buccaneer's history to win their first starting game. In 2010 Freeman was still performing well for the team and was titled as the starting quarterback and led the Buccaneers to a winning 10-6 record.

Since 2011, Freeman has not been delivering the results like he use to. During 2011 he only threw 16 touchdowns with 22 interceptions; bringing the team to a 4-12 losing season. While playing for the Minnesota Vikings in 2013, he played only in one game, which was against the New York Giants, and was benched the rest of the season and stated as a third string quarterback.

It's no surprise that the Giants released Freeman. His quarterback skills have been declining with each team he's played for. Big Blue's decision to release Freeman was a smart one. Freeman would only be filling in a spot on the Giants' roster that could be filled by someone who would deliver more winning results for the team.

The Giants were not left empty handed however, and quickly filled in the open spot on their roster with offensive lineman Roger Gaines, who is off waivers from the Chicago Bears. Gaines started his NFL career in 2013 with the Baltimore Ravens and played in all four preseason games.

On August 30 he was waived from the team and signed by the Chicago Bears and continued the season there. On Thursday, Gaines was waived from the team after being signed to a future/reserve contract back in December. The addition to the New York Giants seems to be promising; Gaines played in 30 games during his time at Tennessee State and during his senior year in 2012 started eight games, did not allow a sack, and was named first-team All-Ohio Valley Conference.

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