Rolle: 'Stings like hell' losing Will Hill

New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle took the news hard after he received word that fellow safety Will Hill was waived by Big Blue after receiving another drug-related suspension by the NFL.

The New York Giants are already feeling the impact of waived safety Will Hill. Hill, who was originally suspended May 30 for violating the NFL's Policy and Program Substance Abuse.

Although Hill excelled on the field, head coach Tom Coughlin could not jeopardize the team any longer with an unstable player off the field.

"If this is your job and you're willing to jeopardize your job for some other reason, then perhaps you don't have your mind and priorities where they should be in the first place," said Coughlin in a recent interview.

Not only are the coaches disappointed in Hill's repeated suspensions, but also his teammates, especially safety Antrel Rolle who called Hill during an interview a "little brother" to him.

"It stings, it stings like hell," Rolle told reports this week. "Will is like a little brother to myself. He's a phenomenal player, probably one of the most gifted safeties that we have. For him to keep moving himself in the wrong direction, its not a good thing."

Rolle did not see the cut as a shock though.

"Will knew what situation he had put the Giants in, he kind of forced their hand," admitted the ten year veteran. "At that point in time you can't really depend on Will to help us out and to really do anything for us if you're suspended repeatedly, season after season after season."

Recently, the Giants have added several new players to their roster and even with the set back of losing Hill, the secondary is trying to pull together.

"Everyone had their own thing going on but when you find guys that want to hang out with other players, it doesn't matter what it is, just to get another guy off the field, get to know his mind, what triggers his mind. So far it's been good for us," said Rolle.

Recently suspended cornerback, Jayron Hosley, looks at the cut of Hill as an example to change his own life and get his mind focused on football.

"We're all human beings, we all get a second chance in life, stated Hosley. "It's not about the mistake that's made, it's about how you overcome and how you move forward and how you approach the situation. Just staying positive. You can't dwell on the past, you have to move on."

"I'll have to work his way back up earning the respect of my teammates and this ownership and my coaches".

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