Giant Impact: Mario Manningham

In his second stint with the New York Giants, how will Super Bowl hero Mario Manningham now that he's reunited with Eli Manning and company?

In 2010, Mario Manningham was a 24-year-old phenom, coming off a season in which he garnered close to 1,000 yards with nine touchdowns. The following year, he became a key cog in the Giants' run to the Superbowl and a key reason the team overtook the Patriots with his magnificent grabs.

After becoming the Superbowl hero, Manningham jettisoned to San Francisco where he received a significant raise and a chance for more touches in the offense. Unfortunately Manningham struggled to stay healthy in the Bay area; suffering an ACL tear at the end of the 2012 season. Since then, Manningham has struggled to get onto the field, and has been a shell of himself with the San Francisco.

Now, reunited with the team that helped him shine, Manningham looks to regain his success. What we do know is that Manningham and Eli Manning certainly have a ton of chemistry and the two were brilliant together just a few years ago.

However, after spending money re-signing Victor Cruz as well as spending a first round pick on wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and looking to build on the success of Rueben Randle, where does Manningham look to enter onto the scene?

What Manningham and the Giants must hope is that he can regain his form prior to his injury, and slide back into the role he had just a few years ago. Doing so would allow Beckham Jr. time to develop as well as give Manning a reliable third down target. There's a good chance Manningham can get his role back, however the fate of his injuries are out of his hand, and it's more of a matter of if he's physically capable to do so more than anything. At best, a Cruz, Manningham, Randle, Beckham Jr. receiving corps will be the best receiving corps the team has had since it's Superbowl run, and hopefully that means well for Manning, who struggled with the lackluster offense this past season.

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