Manning: New-look defense shines in camp

Eli Manning told reporters this week that the New York Giants retooled defense has a new-look in 2014.

Wednesday marked the second day of the New York Giants minicamp. So far, according to QB Eli Manning, the team has shown great potential.

"Our defense is doing a good job throwing a lot of looks at us…we're going to communicate a lot of things, go over things that will prepare us best for the season," Manning said.

The team won't be without their troubles though for this season. With a new offense, Manning and the rest of the team have made it a priority to communicate effectively.

"I think we are communicating well with the offensive line," Manning said. "Asking them questions after our plays are up on the sideline and going over things, just make sure we're seeing things the same way, the same communication"

With the last day of minicamp on Thursday before training camp next month, it is important for the players to still keep their focus and not lose anything they practiced and learned over the last three day.

Eli has his own plans in mind of what he needs to continue to practice.

"Going over the words, making calls out loud to be able to verbalize everything, so when we come back for training camp, we haven't taken a step backwards," admitted Manning.

This is the first season the Giants' offensive coordinator, Ben McAdoo, will coach the team since being hired in January.

According to Manning, he and the former Packers' tight ends coach have already been off to a good start. "It's going well. I think we communicate well. I'm trying to ask him lots of questions, he's asking questions about what I like, what I like in two-minute, what plays I feel comfortable with. I think we're communicating well and getting on the same page," said Manning.

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