Wilson eyes July 21 for medical clearance

Diagnosed with spinal stenosis mid-way through the 2013 season, the future of David Wilson's NFL career was brought into question. With training camp just around the corner, Big Blue's speedster is hoping to be medically cleared to play by the end of July.

The past year has been a waiting game for Giants running back David Wilson. Now, however, the waiting may finally be over as Wilson is expected to be cleared on June 21 for contact. Long gone are the fears of his career being cut short, and instead, are have been replaced by Wilson's awareness of his status with the Giants. He knows it is time to produce, and despite his lack of practice time, he knows must be ready and his preparation can not waiver.

"Just staying healthy and staying in the playbook and staying focused," noted Wilson. "Learning my assignments so when I come in for training camp it's second nature. It's not going to be second nature, it's only a couple weeks, it's a new playbook but the more comfortable you get with it, the faster you can play out there and the better you can run."

When asked about the new offense this season, Wilson says he can make a huge impact.

"I just like the schemes personally," admitted the Giants' running back. "I like the options I have and the way I can use my athletic ability. I think I really could play a role in this offense."

Wilson also noted specifics about the new system, showcasing his readiness to immediately contribute once cleared.

"Space and also no decisions, it's kind of me finding the hole and finding the crease," said Wilson of making plays in the open field. "Also I have the ability to be able to, the running backs have the ability to be able to create flow in the defenses and certain plays and get out there and be athletes."

Wilson says despite not being cleared to practice, he is ready to play.

"Yeah, I've been getting a lot of mental reps and I think that helps more than anything because getting out there and just doing it and getting it wrong and getting it corrected," stated Wilson. "I think I learn better when I'm watching and I have a visual in front of me. I see guys running, I see their mistakes and I see what they do right. I feel like I could tweak things that they do excellent and I think I need to pick up. I've been very observant in practice and am asking a lot of questions."

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