Conner buying in to McAdoo's system

In his second year with the New York Giants, fullback John Conner is fully on-board with offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo's philosophy.

One of the least impactful players on offense last season is noticing the biggest changes in the New York Giants offense this season. Fullback John Conner, who played sparingly last season, mostly on special teams, says new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo is having a great impact on the team.

"He has a really good presence," said Conner. "He expects the best out of us every day, to go out there and give it 100% because he's going to give us his all every day," stated Connor. "That's what he wants out of us."

Conner notes there are subtle changes to the offense this season.

"He has his roles that he wants to get across and his whole demeanor," offered Conner. "It's a little bit, it's not much different but you can notice a little bit."

Naturally each coach has a different personality and method to get his players to buy into his system. Despite the personality difference, Conner says both have a very high football IQ.

"It's just two different personalities, I guess," admitted Conner. "That's all I could really see. Coach Golbride, he had a great perspective on things, and I think McAdoo has the same thing, just different personalities."

Schematically, Conner says the offense is similar to the one McAdoo ran while he was in GreenBay. with Aaron Rodgers.

"I noticed they had a lot of single-back stuff and their fullback did play a little bit," Conner declared. "Some games he played more than others, so it's kind of like just seeing how it's going to go in training camp right now."

Ultimately, Conner is coming into the season with the same mindset he has embraced throughout his career: be ready to do anything and everything.

"In this offense, offense or defense, it's the more you can do," noted Conner of expanding his role. "If that's special teams

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