Sean Ryan pleased with move back to WR coach

Sean Ryan spoke with reporters about resuming his receivers coach role with Big Blue after two years as Eli Manning's quarterback coach. Ryan notes that Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle are the top leaders for his unit and he offered high praise for rookie Odell Beckham Jr.

The seventh year vet of Tom Coughlin's coaching staff resumed his role as the Giants' WR coach. After two seasons as the team's quarterback coach, Sean Ryan is working to get his receiving unit back where it left off two years.

During an interview, Ryan says his time with the quarterbacks will help him coach the WR team and help them better understand what the quarterback is thinking.

"I'd like to think two years later and after being with the quarterbacks that I'm a better teacher, a better coach and can bring the ideas…the quarterback and what he goes through, kind of over that position and let them know," Ryan says.

The last time Ryan was the coach for the wide receivers back in 2011 was also the last time the Giants were the Super Bowl Champs. Now, Sean will have to coach a whole different set of players.

Victor Cruz, who Ryan coached two seasons ago, was the fresh new player with little experience but now instead is the player who has been leading the team. Ryan has noted his change in Cruz during minicamp.

"He's taken over that leadership role…he leads by example," said Ryan. "He's vocal in the room, he's vocal on the field with those guys. You see a definite difference in the experience and success he's had, he's more comfortable now in that role".

Cruz isn't the only one who made an impact on the coach during minicamp. Rueben Randle also showed he has major potential and thinks he's the "whole deal" according to the coach. However, Ryan believes Randle's biggest battle is consistency but still noticed how hard he has been working at learning the new offense and the seriousness he takes towards his work.

Rookie, Odell Beckham also stood out during minicamp.

"I think Beckham is dynamic," Ryan said of the LSU graduate, however he already sees where Beckham needs to work on more. "We've got to help him get rid of the mistakes that young guys make, help him see the different things coverage-wise and disguise-wise that he'll face in this league."

In the new offense this season, Ryan says that although the players will still always have to face route adjustments, there will be fewer in terms of volume. With Ryan's two years experience with the quarterbacks, he's hoping to use that knowledge to get the wide receivers on the same page as the quarterback.

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