Giants' Rookie Prediction: Jay Bromley

While he may not be the marquee name the Giants have been searching for since Justin Tuck left during free agency, former Syracuse Captain Jay Bromley brings leadership and high character to a Big Blue locker room that was in dire need of a shake-up this offseason.

The selection of Jay Bromley by the New York Giants has been tabbed an unnecessary and unworthy reach. Unnecessary: possibly given Bromley's likely availability in the later rounds, but unworthy deserves a thorough examination. NFL scouts and teams develop their draft board based on projections on an individual players likely success in the NFL, and more specifically with their team. Moreover, more recently, teams have been drafting not only on potential, but on pro-readiness. The ability to contribute immediately is not only thrust on rookie quarterbacks, but on every position on an NFL roster.

While Bromley is not a star, he is pro ready to perform his role. It's a simple one as well, be a consistent force as a run stuffer on a team that has struggled to find a consistent presence at the defensive tackle position since Barry Cofield went to Washington. Though, when looking at potential, the Giants had to be intrigued, particularly about Bromley's senior season.

In his first three seasons at Syracuse, Bromley only had four sacks total. In his senior season, Bromley recorded 10 sacks while anchoring a defensive front lacking both experience and talent. It is unrealistic to expect his statistics to continue rising, in fact, it is more likely Bromley's stats will revert back to his sophomore or junior season, where he registered 1.5 and 2.5 sacks respectively. However, despite this likely statistical decline, his role may be just as pronounced and as important as his role during his final year at Syracuse. His ability to pursue the ball-carrier will be tested and further displayed in the NFL, especially when dealing with the shifty running backs in the NFC East like LeSean McCoy.

In addition to his on field impact, his prior experience being a leader should provide a commendable and respected locker room presence. At Syracuse, despite controversies surrounding multiple players within a locker room of players filled with mediocre talent, Bromley's ability to lead has shined through, and showcased his maturity. Moreover, from dealing with the failures of his team's sophomore season, to the jubilation of back to back bowl appearances, Bromley has been through a roller coaster ride, but has ultimately ended up at the very top. Now, at the top, it's time for the Giants to reap the benefits of this high quality, high character player.

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