Manning 'a little nervous' in the new offense

Quarterback Eli Manning shared his thoughts on his offseason ankle surgery, teammate Chris Snee’s retirement, and the state of the Giants' new offense under coordinator Ben McAdoo.

There is a lot of change in winds at East Rutherford, N.J. as training camp continues for the New York Giants. With a new offensive system, fresh players, and now the retiring of guard Chris Snee, there is different feel around the Meadowlands in 2014.

The first day of training camp for the Giants was also the first day of retirement for Chris Snee. The New York Giant spent his entire ten-year NFL career on the team’s offensive line.

QB Eli Manning spoke of his longtime teammate, friend, and co-captain calling him a “class act who made a class act move”. Snee’s decision to retire was due to multiple surgeries, including two on his hip and one most recently on his elbow.

“Definitely going to miss his presence on the field, in the locker room, in practice,” said Manning, “You know his body wasn’t going to let him play and he was going to listen to his body and I think he’s making a good decision off that. A real unselfish decision for the Giants”.

Even though the retirement of Snee will be a tough loss for the team, Manning still managed to be positive and upbeat about the upcoming season, the new offense and his recent ankle surgery.

“The ankle feels great, 100 percent, so it’s not an issue,” noted Manning. “It’s an exciting time. It’s what you look forward to. Getting back to your work and playing football and practicing”.

As for the new offense, Big Blue’s gunslinger has reason for optimism since his last practice.

Yeah, it is different and you come into the season a little nervous," admitted Manning. "You just don’t have… you have a good feel for it but not to where I want it to be."

“As we got in the OTAs and mini-camps, we started to look and feel like a football team, like an offense that was making plays and had an understanding for what was going on and we clicked a little bit,” admitted Manning.

That doesn’t mean the two-time Super Bowl champ doesn’t have some jitters about the new offense. “Still have a lot of work to do, a lot to improve on to get comfortable myself and get comfortable with my teammates and everything that goes on with being successful in an offense,” said Manning. “I know we have a lot of work to do but I’m excited about that challenge”.

At the end of the day however, it’s all about trust according to Manning.

“You always trust your guys, the guys who are out here working. I have total faith that they’ll do their job and they know I’ll work to try to do my job”.

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