Reese mum on Manning's contract extension

In Wednesday’s press conference, General Manager Jerry Reese, shared his insight on what he is expecting out of Big Blue this season, but refused to talk with reporters during training camp about Eli Manning's possible contract extension down the road.

With last season’s 0-6 start still on the minds of the coaches and players, New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese expressed his plans on making sure that a disastrous start doesn’t happen again this season.

According to Reese, the team is going to have to start fast and not put themselves in a hole like last year; a hole that likely ruined a chance of them making the play-offs early on. With a bevy of young players coming in this offseason to via free agency and draft, couple with coaching changes, the Giants have a lot on their plate.

New York was more active in free agency this year than in season’s past. It was the best way for them to sign fresh players to the team after the loss of many veterans from injury and retirement notably Chris Snee, David Diehl, David Wilson, Justin Tuck and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride to name a few.

All of the new player additions usher in all new challenges for the team to work through.

“New coaches, new philosophies, some young players and a lot of players who haven’t played together” are just some of the concerns Reese has. However, with the extra preseason game, the team should be able to get it all together before the regular season starts up.

With much of his concern over new players, Reese did not express any towards Eli Manning’s age and still expects him to perform at his highest quality.

“He’s still a young football player, all things considered with respect to the quarterback position,” noted the Giants’ GM. “We expect him to come back and be a leader, bounce back and not have some of the things that happened to him last year and to be a dynamic football player for us”.

When asked about Eli and a contact extension, Reese didn’t have much to say on the topic, as the team remains to keep all their options open.

“Right now, there’s really nothing to talk about,” noted Reese. “We’re two days into training camp. We really don’t even talk about contracts at this point”.

Reese’s main concern right now is building a team that’s younger and more physical and puts the pressure on the coaches to mold the players into a winning team.

“We try to bring in free agents and draft picks with that kind of background…It’s up to our coaches to give our team that mindset,” he noted. “In this league, if you lose the physical battle, it’s hard to win games”.

Although all the changes look good in writing, nothing will prove the effectiveness of these changes until put into practice.

“You have to go out there and do it,” admitted Reese. “You can’t talk about it – you have to get out there and do it. We’re working hard right now to do that.”

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