Randle eager to unveil up-tempo offense

Rueben Randle talks about the Giants’ strategy for a no-huddle offense and how he will use his size to gain separation from cornerbacks. Big Blue’s receiving target shared his thoughts on why tempo is the key to avoiding the costly turnovers which derailed New York’s playoff hopes last season.

Wide receiver, Rueben Randle, is already recognizing key strategies to the new offense for the Giants. He and his teammates are trying to make as much progress while adjusting to the changes made to the team.

The new offense will be a fast-paced, no-huddle kind of set up. This will allow tight ends and receivers to play faster and make use of all their abilities.

The offense will work to threaten opposing defenses by not giving them enough time to substitute players; something the team needs to continue to work on according to Randle.

“We have to make sure we’re conditioned to keep us up-tempo offensively so we can get the ball snapped. Keep the defense out of the position”.

Communication is crucial when it comes to a no-huddle offense and will pose as the Giants’s biggest hurdle to overcome.

“The key is being on the same page and communicating,” noted Randle. Understanding what we need to do and the confidence in moving at that fast pace. So we have to communicate with our coach on our down time to make sure we are doing what we are suppose to do to be successful”.

Randle blames a lack of good communication for last season’s numerous and embarrassing amount of interceptions. The Giants’ communication needs to be clear this season to make up for the stress of many new players and a new offense.

However, Randle knows what he needs to work on the most to get the big plays on the field.

“Going out there and creating a lot more separation. Keeping my body language positive so Eli will know what I’m going to do…Just running out there fast and making plays,” noted New York’s third year pro.

Randle will need to work on getting separation from the cornerbacks to make sure the big plays after the catch will be executed instead of plays down the field.

One advantage Randle has though is his size, which he plans on fully using for separation.

“Sometimes you’re not going to get the separation you want,” admitted the former LSU star. “Not only my size, but any of the receivers that are big…especially using my basketball frame to go up and getting the ball”.

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