Beason still out, hopes to play in preseason

While the New York Giants are back in training camp, linebacker Jon Beason is on the sidelines just hoping to get back on the field by time the regular season starts.

While Jon Beason won’t be joining his teammates in training camp any time soon, the linebacker said on Friday that he still has hopes to play in a preseason game.

Beason broke a bone and tore a ligament in his foot in June but was able to avoid surgery. He says he thinks he can play in the preseason, but is also realistic about potential setbacks.

“I would hope so,” he said on Friday. “Based on how I feel, the way things are going you want to keep making baby steps. If you go too fast, you have a setback and now all of a sudden you’re pushing that timetable of September 8 so we want to be smart about it. Obviously I’m going to do what they tell me, but I would love to get in during the preseason and get some reps.”

Beason isn’t running on the field yet, but says he’s been making improvements with underwater training.

“We’re on the underwater treadmill so the water is up to here, so it’s about 90 percent of the body,” he said. “We’re just being really smart about it. You have benchmarks, like, ‘Hey, we’re going to start doing this at six weeks, get a little more aggressive.’”

Both Beason and the Giants hope he can return during the preseason and get reps in before the regular season starts. But Beason says there’s still a possibility he misses the entire preseason and joins the team in week 1 without any reps. It’s a situation that he’s been in before and says he wasn’t pleased.

“Unfortunately I’ve done it before and I hate it more than anything because you want to get that cohesiveness with the guys that you’re going to be playing with,” he said. “You’re expected to play every single down. I am. That’s where the conditioning, the cardio, all that stuff comes into play. If you want to play at a high level more consistently, you have to have that game shape, that football shape and that’s what you miss when you don’t have training camp.”

Beason hasn’t been able to get on the field recently, but says he and middle linebacker Jameel McClain have gotten in a lot of film sessions and had reps earlier in OTAs.

“We got here in the spring obviously we got a chance to play a lot of reps together,” he said of McClain. You’re dealing with a guy whose got a lot of playing time, a veteran guy that’s played MIKE linebacker so he’s vocal.”

He also noted that while the linebackers and defense struggled at times last year, he has been impressed with linebackers Mark Herzlich, Spencer Paysinger and Jacquian Williams and believes the group can do some damage this season.

“The thing I’m most impressed with is Spencer, Herz and especially Jacquian, everyone’s coming along,” Beason said. “I feel like they’re primed, they’re ready to have a breakout season. Watching that, especially from that good vantage point, the sidelines, you see the guys talking, communicating, making plays where it’s more instinctive. I think we’ll be pretty scary as a group this year.”

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